Discography of Productions

2012 Moon on Rough Bay,  David Essig

Fathers Daughter,  Barb Munro

Amazing Things Happen,  Sistergirl

2011 Rolling Fork to Gallows Point, David Essig

Across the Borderline, BettySoo and Doug Cox

Not One Mile, Penny Sidor

2010 Viper at the Virgin’s Feet, Allison Brown

Dock Songs, Andy Bacon

Providence, Trish Clair-Peck

Protection Collection II, Various Artists

2009Double Vision, David Essig and Rick Scott

The Disclaimers, The Disclaimers

2008Real, Jane Eamon
Water Ring, Betty Johnson
Worn Out Shoes, Hal Brolund


2007 – Days of August, Penny Sidor
Presbyterian Guitar, David Essig
Flying Accusations, Flying Accusations
Late to the Party, Tamara Little
I’m On My Way, Kelly Green
Beverly Street, The D-Rangers, Romi Mayes, David Essig

2006 – Sweet Waltz, Bitter Waltz, Teach Yourself Piano
Dancing Girls of the Cariboo, Newman/Wright Theatre Co.
Dog Songs by Elders, Craig Elder
Years in the Making, Frank Hoorn

2005 – Everything that Shined, Allison Brown
World of Possibilities, Gary Brewer
To Those Left Behind, Newman/Wright Theatre Co.

Simply Undone, Sall Gibson

2004 – A Stone in My Pocket, David Essig
Whisky Dealers and Miners Angels, Newman/Wright Theatre Co.
Suck it Up, Princess, Honeygirl

2003 – Footprints, Peter Haines
Christiana, Richard Broadbent
Caledonia, Raghu Lokanathan
Willingness, Deb Maike

2002 – Declaration Day, David Essig
Live Blues, Doug Cox and Todd Butler
Solid Ground, Frank Hoorn
Ted Turner, Ted Turner

1998 – Into the Lowering Sky, David Essig

1996 – Tremble and Weep, David Essig
Bone Bottle Brass or Steel, Doug Cox

1994 Cardinal Points, Paolo Bonfanti

1992 – State of Origin, David Essig

1990 – Drifting Dreams, Richard Knechtel
Rebel Flag, David Essig

1989 – Stepstone, Walt Michael and Company

1988 – Morning Calm, David Essig

1987 – Business as Usual, The Dixie Flyers
Indiana Road, Fred J. Eaglesmith

1986 – Who Liveth So Merry, Paddy Tutty
Two Kayagum Solos, David Essig

1985 – In the Barroom Light, Tim Harrison
Whose Muddy Shoes, David Essig
While Living in the Good Years, David Essig

1984 – The Boy That Just Went Wrong, Fred J. Eaglesmith

1982 – Doggone My Time, Cathy Fink
Keep ‘Em Guessin’, Rob Wallinger

1981 – Yukon Dawn, Steins and Sheerin
In the Tradition, David Essig

1980 – Now and Then, Trapezoid
Change of Face, Douglas McArthur

1979 – Fred J. Eaglesmith, Fred J. Eaglesmith
Every Dog Has Its Day, Houndog Blues Band

1978 – Blackie and the Rodeo King, Willie P. Bennett
Sequence, David Essig
Bar Room Daze, Humber River Valley Boys
Kent County Pickers, Kent County Pickers
Cathy Fink and Duck Donald, Cathy Fink and Duck Donald
Jockey to the Fair, Margaret Christl
Larger Than Life, Dennis LePage
Humber River Valley Boys, Humber River Valley Boys

1977 Light-Medium-Heavy, The Dixie Flyers
Kissing is a Crime, Cathy Fink & Duck Donald
Hobo’s Taunt, Willie P. Bennett

1976 – Stewart Crossing, David Essig
Blues & Sentimental, Jackie Washington
Hustlin’ and Bustlin’, Original Sloth Band

1975 – Tryin’ To Start Out Clean, Willie P. Bennett
High Ground, David Essig

1974 – Redbird Country, David Essig

Total Production Credits = 67
Watershed Studio = 25
*Dates are release dates


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